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Dublin Prisons Remember 1916

student artwork
Mosaic, Medical Unit, Mountjoy

The Education Units in Dublin Prisons have seen a flurry of activity this year with the preparation of a wide range of projects and activities in memory of the Easter Rising in 1916.

There are art and craft projects, information booklets, posters and displays, visiting artists, guest speakers, music and voice recordings. Most events are planned to take place during the week starting April 25th as this corrresponds with the actual dates of the Easter Rising in 1916.

Project 1916 is intended to be educational and informative and engage teachers and prisoners with all of the staff, groups and services working in the prisons.

Representative samples of the projects will be on display in the church in Mountjoy West and the exhibition will be opened by President Higgins in June.

Some Projects and Events .......

Display preparation

1916 Framed Display Students and teachers in the Training Unit viewing materials for inclusion in a series of framed displays in the school corridor. The Display depicts facets of the Rising and its revolutionary consequences culminating with the Peace Process.

student artwork

Student Artwork Poster style artwork created in Arbour Hill.

student artwork

Batik Flag This bakik, created in Mountjoy Medical Unit, is based on the 1916 hand painted flag flown over the GPO. The original flag was taken by the British but returned to the Irish state in 1966 and is now part of the National Museum of Ireland collection.

student artwork

Cumann na mBan Mosaic "We wanted to do something connected with the women in 1916" says Eddie, in relation to this mosaic being created in Mountjoy West.

student artwork

13 Lilies This ceramic piece, created in the Dochas Centre, depicts 13 lilies to represent the 13 women who were held in Mountjoy in May 1916 on charge of rebellion.

sudio recording

Proclamation on CD Student in Training Unit studio with Music teacher, Gerry, put the finishing touches to the presentation piece that accompanies their recording of a reading of the Proclamation set to original music.

house project

262 Houses Both schools in Wheatfield are part of the 1916 Sackville Street Art Project that commemorates the 262 civilians who died in the 1916 Rising. The main school chose Margaret Daly to commemorate with their ceramic house (left). The students of North Three created a stain glass lamp house (right) in memory of Harriet McCabe. There will be a National Exhibition of all 262 houses in the Botanic Gardens in April.

tapestry project

Tapestry Project Students in the Medical Unit, Mountjoy have been producing a series of tapestries inspired by events in 1916.

1916 map

1916, 2016 Map Preparing a map for display in the school in Mountjoy that depicts the military positions of British and Rebel forces in 1916 with students comments of today.


2016 Calendar Women in the Dochas Centre created a calendar that depicts women who took part in the Rising in 1916. Among the women profiled are Countess Markievicz, Rosie Hackett, Elizabeth O'Farrell, Nora Connolly, Mary Spring Rice and Molly Childers.

sudent artwork

Dublin 1916 Drawings Student in Mountjoy West school creating a detailed drawing depicting Dublin life in 1916.

sudent artwork

Green Shoots Collage on canvas by CH, Dochas Centre.

wall hanging portrait

Wall Hanging Portraits One of a series of seven wall hangings of the Signatories of the Proclamation created by students in Arbour Hill. This one is of Joseph Plunkett.

sudent artwork

Canvas Project Student in Training Unit with Art teacher, Bernie, continue to work on this canvas project inspired by the Harry Clarke studio window in the church in Mountjoy West.

sudent artwork

Lino Prints By way of linking 1916 with the curriculum, students in Clover Hill produced lino prints of the seven signatories as part of the QQI level 2 Craft Module.

information booklet

Information Booklet This is a literacy booklet on the seven signatories produced in Mountjoy school.

sudent artwork

Winifred Carney Student artwork in progress from the Dochas Centre.